Alex Schrobenhauser-ClonanSpecial Shout-Out in Recognition of Extreme Carbon Saving by Alex Schrobenhauser-Clonan

Alex rode his bicycle to UC Carbon Slam! He lives in San Francisco! That is commitment to reducing carbon emissions! Thank you, Alex!



Climate Impact Live Pitch

Alexis Shusterman  Robert Arlen2 Brandi McKuin Alexis Shusterman and Christine Gulbranson

  • 1st Place, $4000: Alexis Shusterman (above left and above right with Christine Gulbranson, University of California Office of the President senior vice president for research innovation and entrepreneurship), BEACO2N: High-Resolution Carbon Monitoring, UC Berkeley
  • 2nd Place, $2000: Robert Arlen (above, second from left), Airborne Remote Sensing System for Environmental Monitoring, UC Davis
  • 3rd Place, $1000: Brandi McKuin (above, third from left), U.S. Tuna Fisheries: A Trifecta of Sustainable Practices at Odds with Climate Mitigation, UC Merced
  • People’s Choice, $1000: Alexis Shusterman, BEACO2N: High-Resolution Carbon Monitoring, UC Berkeley

Climate Solutions Live Pitch

Eric Walters EV Match

  • 1st Place, $4000: Eric Walters (above left), Fungal-Bacterial Coculture for Biofuel Production, UC Davis
  • 2nd Place, $2000: Kelsey Johnson, Heather Hochrein, Erin Williamson, and Shannon Walker (above right, in order left to right), EV Match, UC Santa Barbara

Johannes Rebelein and Andrew Zumkehr

  • 3rd Place (tie), $1000: Johannes Rebelein (above left), Novel Biofuel Formation by Nitrogenase, UC Irvine
  • 3rd Place (tie), $1000: Andrew Zumkehr (above right), Land Use, Energy, Water and Solar Canals, UC Merced
  • People’s Choice, $1000: Heather Hochrein, Kelsey Johnson, Shannon Walker, Erin Williamson, EV Match, UC Santa Barbara

Poster Presentations

Sue Carter, Stephen Lo, Marissa Tessman, Yi-Che Lee

  • 1st Place, $2000: Yi-Che Lee (above right), Stephen Lo (above left), Marissa Tessman (above center), Algae-based Polyurethane Surfboards, UC San Diego (team members pictured with lead UC Carbon Slam organizer Dr. Sue Carter, above left, UC Santa Cruz climate champion, associate dean of graduate studies, director of CIED, and physics professor)

Zeke Hausfather Caitlin Looby Peggy Ip

  • 2nd Place, $1000: Zeke Hausfather (above left), Assessing Recent Global Temperatures Using Homogenous Instrumentation, UC Berkeley
  • 3rd Place, $600: Caitlin Looby (above center), The Invisible Climate Changers, UC Irvine
  • 4th Place, $400: Peggy Ip (above right), Thermal Energy Storage Systems for Renewable Technologies, UC Los Angeles

Owen Watson, HyeMin Park, Sue Carter, Melissa Maggass

  • 5th Place, $300: Henry Bart (did not attend), Brandon Kaysen (did not attend), Melissa Maggass (above right), HyeMin Park (above, second from left), Owen Watson (above left), Achieving Carbon Neutrality at UCSB by 2025—A Critical Analysis of Technological and Financial Strategies, Santa Barbara (attending team members pictured with lead UC Carbon Slam organizer Dr. Sue Carter, above, second from right)

Brett Carpenter Brady O'Donnell and Melissa Ward Jill Pestana

  • People’s Choice (tie), $200: Brett Carpenter (above left), Behavioral Science and Big Data: California’s Drought Solution, UC Santa Barbara
  • People’s Choice (tie), $200: Brady O’Donnell and Melissa Ward (above center), Seagrasses as a Climate Change Solution: Integrating Science with Policy, UC Davis
  • People’s Choice (tie), $200: Jill Pestana (above right), How Do Batteries Age? UC Irvine